Vitality Clay

The 2024 Shiwan Cup’s 12th Annual International Youth Ceramic Arts

(Ceramic Sculpture and Architectural Ceramic)

Competition and Exhibition

Sculpture and architecture are both arts that deal with time and space. Ceramic sculpture and Architecture Ceramic are some of the earliest forms of clay art and are among the earliest manifestations of human civilization. The development of ceramic sculpture and architecture ceramic in Shiwan, Foshan has been ongoing from the past to the present. It is a symbol of the region’s culture, which contextualizes the uniqueness of the region. It also manifests and highlights the region’s prideful, authentic, vivid, and distinctive character.

Today, under the framework of the Greater Bay Area, the Foshan Meitaowan Cultural and Creative Industry Convergence District is constructing an influx structure. The continuous launch of the 2024 Shiwan Cup’s 12th Annual International Youth Ceramic Arts Competition and Exhibition truly creates a unique identity and reflects the vitality and resilience of the future.

Vitality and resilience are not only the expression of growth and energy in biology and dynamics but also the question of how the traditional media generated by clay (ceramic sculpture and architecture ceramic) can be expressed and presented in multiple ways in today's technological and digital era. Whether there can be more new forms and iterations in the new era that participate in the shaping of the future with sustainable vitality.

The exhibition and series of activities will bring together the latest creative achievements in the field of ceramic sculpture and architectural ceramics from all over the world. It will share the creative experience and wonderful cases of outstanding artists, help the development of the city and ceramic industry, provide innovative vitality for the cultivation of young talents, enhance the sense of identity of regional culture and cultural self-confidence and consciousness, and carry forward the spirit of inheritance and innovation of Shiwan ceramics in Foshan, Guangdong.


I.  Structure of the 2024 Shiwan Cup’s 12th Annual International Youth Ceramic Arts  (Ceramic Sculpture and Architectural Ceramic) Competition and Exhibition Committee

Organizers: China Ceramic Industry Association, Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum,  International Academy of Ceramics

Academic Director: Lyu Pinchang

Curator: Jin Wenwei

Exhibition Coordinators: Ruan Xiaojia , Wan Liya

Overseas Assistant Curator: Sin-ying Ho

Assistant Curators: Rong Yao, Huang Ting, Zhu Haoran

Academic Advisors:

Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Academy of Arts and Crafts, China Academy of Art School of Crafts, Central Academy of Fine Arts Institute of Ceramic Art Research, Shanghai University Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, School of Fine Arts Jingdezhen Ceramic University, Academy of Literature and Arts of Chinese National Academy of Arts , Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts College of Arts and Crafts Design, South China Normal University School of Fine Arts, Shanxi University Academy of Fine Art, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Design Academy, Macau University of Science and Technology Faculty of Humanities and Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, The Clay Studio (USA), Peters Valley School of Cratf (USA), Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts (USA), EKWC (Netherlands), Art Ichol (India), Gimhae Museum of Art (Republic of Korea)

II. Exhibition Theme:  Vitality Clay

III. Eligibility

1.The competition is open to domestic and international young ceramic artists, designers,   teachers, students at colleges and universities, and cross-disciplinary creators.

2.Participants must be between 18 and 45 years old, including those who are 45 years old.

3.Each participant is allowed to submit 1 to 2 pieces (sets) of their work for jurying.

 IV.  Requirements of the artwork

1. The artwork uniquely leverages ceramics as the primary medium, creating a dynamic interplay between form and space. It is thoughtfully placed within the space, transforming it into an immersive artistic environment. We encourage applicants to embrace innovation and expression by flexibly applying mixed materials. We advocate for the exploration and integration of new materials, techniques, processes, media, and technologies. Our aim is to highlight the potential of these elements in creating compelling and expressive art pieces. We promote the integration of regional culture and multiculturalism, and champion the collaboration of art and industry.

2. Works submitted must be original, created within the past three years, and free from any third-party contractual obligations. They should not have been entered in major art competitions at the provincial level or higher, published, or mass-produced. If these conditions are violated, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the work, withdraw it from the exhibition, and revoke any awards.

3. As a rule, the dimensions of the works for the competition, whether they are on the ground or walls, should not exceed 4 square meters.

V. Prizes (Cash Award is RMB before tax)

For this competition, a total of 100 works (or sets) will be selected as shortlist. The prizes will be chosen from these selected entries.

Grand Prize, one winner, RMB 180,000 + award certificate + exhibition catalogue

First Prize, one winner, RMB 80,000 + award certificate + exhibition catalogue

Second Prize, three winners, RMB 50,000 per person + award certificate + exhibition catalogue

Third Prize, five winners, RMB 30,000 per person + award certificate + exhibition catalogue

New Talent Prize, ten winners, RMB 3,000 per person +award certificate + exhibition catalogue

Excellence Award, twenty winners, award Certificate + exhibition catalogue

The rest of Shortlisted Award, Shortlist certificate + exhibition catalogue

VI. Winners' benefits

1. The Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum will provide individual or group publicity for the prize-winning works and their creators. It will hold an exhibition showcasing the finalists’ works and publish a catalogue for publicity and distribution. The aim is to enhance the popularity of both the winners and their works.

2. Works that win third prize and above will be collected by the Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum, and a collection certificate will be issued. These works will also benefit from the reward and subsidy policy of the Shiwan Township Street Ceramic Art Support Measures. The museum will actively connect outstanding creators with enterprise resources and assist in the market transformation and development of their works, leveraging the robust supply chain resources of the Foshan ceramic industry.

3. Winners who secure the third prize or higher are eligible for an invitation to participate in the Ceramics Work Camp and Shiwan Cup Seminar, organized by the Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum within the same year. The museum will cover round-trip transportation (economy class flight or second-class high-speed railway), accommodation, creative space, and material expenses. Additionally, these winners may receive recommendations from the Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum for residencies, learning opportunities, and exchanges at renowned art institutions domestically and internationally, including Shiwan. This residency right remains valid for 2 years following the award. The museum will provide specific arrangements in due course.

VII. Submission Guidelines

1. Obtain the Registration Form: Please enter the website read the open call carefully to the bottom and click the link.

2. Submission Period: You can submit your registration form and entry materials from now until July 31. Bundle the registration form and competition materials, then send them to the email:

3. File name format: When sending your documents, please use the following format for the folder name: “Creator’s Name - Region - Country”.

4. For additional information:For additional information: please reach out to the staff at Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum. You can contact the office at (+0086) 0757-82783950 or Miss Zhang directly at (+0086)13266381023 or (+0086)18665437890

VIII.  No entry fee

IX. Timeline

(1) Registration Stage: Now - July 31, 2024.

(2) Preliminary Selection Stage: August 6 - August 12, 2024Jurying process: the organizers will invite experts to form a review panel. This panel will conduct a preliminary selection of all entries and select 100 pieces (sets) of shortlisted works.

(3) The announcement of the preliminary selection results:  August 13th - August 15th , 2024. The duration of the publicity period will be three days. In the event of a copyright dispute within this period, the participant may face disqualification.

The roster of shortlist works, along with the names of their creators, will be made public on the official WeChat account of the Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum. The organizers will extend an invitation to the finalists to partake in the final selection and exhibition, via telephone or electronic mail. Please note that individuals not selected in the preliminary round will not receive any notification.

(4) Delivery Stage :August 16 - September 30, 2024. Upon receipt of the shortlist notification,  finalists are required to dispatch their shortlisted works to the designated jury and exhibition venues. (The specific location will be communicated at a later date.) The delivery can be accomplished either through logistics or by the finalists themselves. Please note that all delivery-related expenses, including (freight, insurance, customs duties, and handling fees,) are to be borne by the finalists. The entrants are obliged to ensure that their works reach the designated location for the final jury process within the stipulated timeframe. Failure to comply with this requirement will be construed as a forfeiture of their rights.  Please note: For foreign artists, it is recommended that their works be transported via sea freight, ensuring compliance with the customs regulations of their respective home countries.


Guidelines for Submitting Physical Artwork: The physical artwork for submission must correspond with the images initially provided during the preliminary selection. Proper packaging and handling of the artwork are crucial. It should be safeguarded within a waterproof, moisture-proof, and shockproof wooden crate, designed to withstand the rigors of long-distance sea and air transportation. The crate should be robust yet manageable. For ease of identification by the organizer, please ensure the participant’s name, the title of the work, and an image of the work are clearly marked on the crate. This will streamline the receipt and processing of the work by the organizer.

Maintaining Anonymity and Fairness: Exhibition materials, such as images, presentations, and videos of your work, must include the title “Shiwan Cup”. However, they should not contain any identifying information. This includes the name of your company, your name (including English or Pinyin abbreviations), or any symbols or graphics related to your identity. If such information is included, the work will be deemed invalid. This ensures a fair and unbiased evaluation process.

(5) Final Jury Stage:Specific time to be determined.

1. On-Site Jury: The organizer will extend invitations to experts to constitute a jury panel. This panel will conduct an on-site jurying of the shortlisted works and determine the recipients of all prizes.

2. Announcement of Final Jurying Results: The results will be publicized for a period of three days. The specific timeframe for this publicity period will be communicated later.

(6) Return of Works Works that have received the New Talent Award, the Excellence Award, and those that were shortlisted will be returned to their creators following the conclusion of the exhibition. The museum will bear the responsibility and costs associated with the return of these works. Creators also have the option to personally collect their works from a designated location. Furthermore, the museum graciously accepts donations from authors and will issue certificates of donation in recognition of such contributions.

X. Rights and Liabilities

1. All submitted works must be original and free from plagiarism. Shortlisted and prize-winning works will be published online for a period of 3 days. If a copyright dispute arises during this period, the entry in question will be disqualified.

2. Participants are required to provide accurate information upon registration. While the organizers will not substantively review the authenticity of participants’ identities, any false information could impact their eligibility, rights to awards, and other related honors.

3.The creator must hold the copyright to their own work, possessing an independent, complete, clear, and undisputed copyright. The work must comply with relevant national laws and regulations. The creator assumes legal responsibility for the portrait rights and copyright of the design. The creator also agrees to grant the organizer the license to use the creator’s portrait rights, the entry, and all intellectual property rights. This includes the rights for research, photography, promotion, exhibition, publication, and other forms of promotion and publicity of the work, without the requirement of any fees.

4. If a participant fails to submit their work to the organizing committee in time for the on-site jurying and exhibition after receiving the shortlisted notice, they will be considered to have withdrawn from the competition.

5. The Grand prize of the competition, along with the first, second, and third prizes, will be collected by the Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum. The museum will collect all the works in their entirety, and these works cannot be split or replaced.

6. If the shortlisted works are damaged or lost before they arrive at the final jury site for acceptance, the responsibility lies with the participants, and the organizer will not be liable for any damage incurred during transportation. If the outer packaging box of the shortlisted works is seriously damaged upon arrival at the final jurying site, the organizer reserves the right to reject them. Furthermore, if the shortlisted works are found to be damaged when they are unpacked, the organizer will not be held responsible.

7. If the shortlisted works arrive at the final jury site with minor damage, participants can ensure their participation in the final jurying by repairing the works at their own expense. If a participant requires the organizer’s assistance in repairing the work, they must provide a repair suggestion or a video of the work. The organizer can assist in the repair but will not be held responsible for any issues that arise during the repair process.

8. If the shortlisted works are combinations or installations, participants can go to the final jury site to set up and arrange their works at their own expense. Participants who need the organizer’s assistance for installation must provide detailed instructions. However, the organizer will not be held responsible for any damage to the work during the installation or removal process.

9. After the exhibition, the shortlisted works will be returned to the creator in the same manner as they were received. The organizer will cover the costs of packaging, transportation, and insurance incurred during the return process.

10. By registering for the competition, participants are deemed to have agreed to and complied with the above regulations. Any matters not covered in these regulations will be revised and announced by the organizer as needed. The organizer reserves the right to interpret the event.   


China Ceramic Industry Association  

Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum

International Academy of Ceramics

                                January 16, 2024





The 2024 Shiwan Cup’s 12th Annual International Youth Ceramic Arts (Ceramic Sculpture and Architectural Ceramic) Competition and Exhibition Grand Prix Artistic Committee


Artistic Committee Director:

Lyu Pinchang (PR China)

Artistic Committee Vice Director:

Wei Hua (PR China)

Wan Liya (PR China)

Geertje Jacobs (Netherlands)

Jennifer Zwilling (USA)

Artistic Committee members:

Liu Zheng (PR China)

Luo Xiaoping (PR China)

Pan Bolin (PR China)

Zeng Peng (PR China)

Zhu Legeng (PR China)

Sin-ying Ho (USA)

Chen Jun (PR China)

Huang Sheng (PR China)

Tan Hongyu (PR China)

Chen Guanghui (PR China)

Huang Chunmao (PR China)

Lin Guolong (China Taiwan)

Li Cheng (PR China)

Liang Jiahao (China Taiwan)

Wong Lai Ching Fiona (China Hong Kong) 

Bruce Dehnert (USA)

Kristin Muller (USA)

Ambica Beri (India)

김승택 Kim Seungteak (Republic of Korea)

Click on the link below to download the registration form